EAP/EAL Services


Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning is a ground-breaking experiential (hands-on) approach to growth and learning using horses as a catalyst for change. Each session is facilitated by a dynamic team (the horses, an equine specialist, and a licensed therapist).   

What we offer – 

  1. Life Skills Programs for children and adolescents to manage and work through difficulties experienced on a daily basis
  2. Programs for individuals, couples, families to help heal difficult situations and work together to bring peace and harmony for self and family
  3. Conflict management to work on resolving issues using exercises that incorporate horses
  4. Team building and communication leadership for businesses, schools and other organizations
  5. Trauma Informed Care Program for Veterans who are struggling with PTSD; treatment for sex-trafficking rescue individuals
  6. Teaching coping and self-actualization skills for individuals struggling with depression, anxiety, behavioral issues, eating disorders, parent-child issues, marital discord, etc…
  7. Self-realization activities for those struggling with extreme substance use and abuse; groups for after care from treatment facilities
  8. Collaboration with all providers to help the individual become successful in daily living
  9. Riding lessons for adults and children; planned out trail rides with more advanced students
  10. Birthday and celebration activities for family
  11. Volunteer opportunities for horse grooming and care