Accreditation and Certification



Our programs are conducted using Equine Assisted Psychotherapy and Learning techniques through the training, accreditation and certification by OK Corral Series provided by Greg Kersten.  Our experiential program staff allow the clients to gain their own insight and conclusions from working directly with the horses. Activities are designed to allow client’s the opportunity to overcome fears, anxiety, depression, addictions, process emotional traumas, behavioral concerns, self-esteem and learn invaluable life skills which will transcend all areas of life. 


OK Corral Certifications

  • Mental Health & Wellness
  • Interventions for Returning Veterans & Their Loved Ones
  • Emotional Health & Growth of Families & Groups
  • Corporate Retreats, Off-Sites, & "Herdbuilding"
  • In Crisis & Under Stress

OK Corral Seminar Schedule and Certification

Jennifer Daniel - Executive Director

Jennifer has been working, training, riding, and showing horses for over 40 years.  With years of horsemanship experience, she brings an unmatched skill set to equine assisted therapy and learning.  Her passion for humans and horses to engage each other and find solace is an utmost goal.  She has been certified for EAP/EAL through Greg Kersten's OK Corral Series. Call her and find out how the program will help with mental, social, physical, and emotional needs.

Volunteer Force

Rapha Reins, Inc is driven to success by the great source of strength with its volunteer team.  Many spend countless hours tending to the horses, fixing fences, feeding, bathing, and training the horses. Much of the programs is spear headed by trained volunteers who are passionate about EAP/EAL.

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